How long will it take to process my order?

Long processing times are THE worst! Your order will process by the next business day! 


The scarf I want is sold out! Will it be coming back?

These Silky Headwraps are in their very first run!  If a color sells well, I will definitely do my best to restock as quickly as possible!  Make sure you sign up to our mailing list for restocking updates. 


Where does ORESE ship from?

Headwraps ship from the USA and Canada.


What kind of fabric are the headwraps made from?

These scarves are 100% premium, heavy-weight satin! Mmmm mmmm smooth!


My Silky Headwrap came with elastics. What are they for?

Listen, nobody has time for a re-wrapping or slipping headwraps! Every headwrap is sent with 2 elastics to help make your tying experience easy and worry-free. The elastics offer structure to your most gravity-defying styles, and they also offer security to keep your wraps exactly where you want them. BONUS: Having your headwrap solidly in place with elastics means you can just slip it on or off your head without having to wrap it again from scratch!  


The Silky Headwraps are great, but what else do you have?

I'm getting my feet wet with ORESE again after a few years off.  So, for now, I'm going to see how the Silky Headwraps perform before I launch any new items.  If all goes well (and I hope it will), I have so many more ORESE designs in the vault that I know you will love!


Can I wear the Silky Headwraps as my Hijab?

The Silky Headwraps were intended to be worn as a wrap to be tied on top of your head. If you wear your Hijab like this, then yes! The size of these scarves is about 60" x 40", so please keep this in mind if you want to wear it in a traditional pinned Hijab style.  If you want to see more size options for these scarves, definitely send me a quick message at support@loveorese.com! Your feedback is everything to me!